Mentor spotlight: Lisa Ross-Marcus

Lisa Ross Marcus

What is your story, and what led you to join the entrepreneurial world? I moved to Paris from the United States as a student and eventually settled in Amsterdam. My first career was as a professional dancer and choreographer, creating performances that toured throughout Europe. Later I realized that this was my first entrepreneurial experience. […]

Meet Joachim Goyvaerts: Director of Benelux and Ireland PayPal


By Azaina Shaikh and Paola Hasbun Joachim Goyvaerts, the director of PayPal Benelux and Ireland, talks about the power of digital transformation, the benefits of building networks, and PayPal’s new partnership with FEM-START.  What was your journey leading up to being the Director of Benelux and Ireland at PayPal? I have always found myself at […]

Meet Lotte Engels, the Director of NBSO Barcelona, helping Dutch businesses’ in Spain

Lotte Engels

By: Paola Hasbún Lotte Engels is a corporate communication expert with years of experience in operations management and market research. After working as a Communication Officer at Océ Technologies and Operations Manager at Hewlett Packard, Engels ventured into business and became the Director of the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) in Barcelona, a Dutch governmental […]

Meet Taryn Andersen, co-founder and CEO of Impulse 4 Women

Taryn Andersen

By Azaina Shaikh and Paola Hasbun Taryn is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman with more than 10 years of finance and venture capital experience. Passionate about gender equality and initiatives to support women, Taryn is the co-founder and CEO of Impulse4Women, a Global NPO that connects female-led techpreneurs and social impact project funders and investors. […]

Meet Désirée van Boxtel co-founder of Karmijn Kapitaal in Amsterdam

Désirée van Boxtel

– by S.Cannegieter Karmijn Kapitaal is an investment fund founded in 2010 by three women, whose admiration and perseverance in entrepreneurship lead them to invest in gender-neutral Dutch SMEs. Building and growing companies are Désirée’s forte, and this is a peek into getting to know ⅓ of the growing forces behind Karmijn Kapitaal. What was […]

The Realisation Journey – Q&A FEMpreneurhulp


Laura Heerema, Founder of GiantLeaps and Frances Singleton -Clift, Legal Tech Innovator & mentor at FEMpreneurhulp’s perspective on this article on Medium Q: Tell us a bit about how you got into Tech, and your personal trajectory? LH: For me, working in Tech was a means to an end. I saw a problem – a lack of information and awareness […]

Meet Sandra van der Pal, co-founder of FEM-START’s latest initiative FEMpreneurhulp, an online platform and mentoring program empowering female entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic

Sandra van de Pal

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about an array of challenges for businesses worldwide, disproportionately affecting women-led businesses. From working remotely to losing revenue, running a business during a pandemic has not been easy for women. To support them, FEM-START launched its latest initiative, FEMpreneurhulp, an online platform offering mentoring and a community network to female entrepreneurs […]

Meet Živilė Meškauskaitė: Building community and connections one event at a time

Živilė Meškauskaitė FEM-START

As part of our interview series showcasing and celebrating women leading the forefronts of FEM-START, we had the pleasure of interviewing Živilė Meškauskaitė, co-founder of FEM-START Lithuania. Živilė is dedicated to generating social and collaboration projects. She has worked with Rockstart (EU’s first start-up accelerator) and TEDxAmsterdamWomen. Her passion to connect people led her to […]