Mentor spotlight: Muthumari Duraisamy

Muthumari Duraisamy is a lovable mother and finance executive who worked in global roles in many countries so far. I hold high interest not only in finance but also in strategy, operations, and innovation. Since I worked in scale-up businesses within multi-billion international companies, I developed my skills to setup a new business. My life […]

Mentor spotlight: Mascha Mooy

Mascha Mooy

Mascha Mooy is a consultant, speaker and author. With a no-nonsense mentality she tackles problems at the core. Her specializations are burn-outs, leadership and successful entrepreneurship. All of these strengths come together in her business Bye Bye Burnout. About Mascha In earlier career Mascha experienced a burnout herself, when unfortunately no structured help was available to get back fast […]

Mentor Spotlight: Anna Molnár

Anna Molnar

Anna Molnár is a business coach for female entrepreneurs, with an immense passion for languages and literature, a special analytic eye for complex situations and a huge drive to get the best out of people and their companies. I help ambitious businesswomen to make themselves and their companies blossom by creating a solid and healthy […]

Mentor spotlight: Gervaise Coebergh

Gervaise Coebergh

Gervaise Coebergh is owner of several businesses in media, communications and leisure. When I was young I had no clue what to do for a living. Just like my female ancestors, I wasn’t really supposed to go working – other than as a housewife. You can hardly understand that nowadays, but that was how it […]

Mentor spotlight: Lisa Ross-Marcus

Lisa Ross Marcus

Lisa Ross-Marcus is an executive coach and intercultural consultant with a focus on women and leadership. What is your story, and what led you to join the entrepreneurial world? I moved to Paris from the United States as a student and eventually settled in Amsterdam. My first career was as a professional dancer and choreographer, […]

Mentor spotlight: Joyce Oomen-Beeris, founder of Pimcy

Joyce Oomen

Pimcy Innovation & Portfolio Management in Tilburg helps organize innovation and embed innovation in services, products, or business models. The result is an acceleration of innovation, increased innovative capability, and motivated employees. We cover the entire innovation management domain: idea management, innovation portfolio management, and life cycle management. What is your story, and what led […]