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Mentor spotlight: Mascha Mooy

Mascha Mooy
Mascha Mooy is a consultant, speaker, and author. With a no-nonsense mentality, she tackles problems at the core. Her specializations are burn-outs, leadership, and successful entrepreneurship. All of these strengths come together in her business Bye Bye Burnout.

About Mascha

In her earlier career, Mascha experienced burnout herself, when unfortunately no structured help was available to get back fast on track. She saw the topic of burnout as becoming a challenge for entrepreneurs, corporations, and employees, and also an opportunity as an entrepreneur. With her research and new knowledge she created unique solutions for all parties; not just focusing on structured recovery and integration, but also on prevention. Bye, Bye Burnout has grown under her leadership into a revolutionary and “controversial” burnout prevention organization in the Netherlands, serving as a key adviser for the “SMEs in the Netherlands” and helping organizations with 50-700 employees everywhere in the country. She is frequently invited as a speaker on the subject at events and in-company workshops. Mascha is also a proud winner of the Piper Heidsieck Leading Ladies Award 2018, Top 40 under 40, Top 25 most creative Dutch entrepreneurs, and is known as a woman who knows her walk & talk. Her entrepreneurial vision is one of a kind combined with a daring & disruptive mindset, which she passionately loves sharing with other women. Besides that, the documentary Mascha featured in as an entrepreneur for the Dutch tv NPO/PowNed was an actual achievement. In 2020 her first management book was a huge success. It explains burnout and work-related stress and how employers can tackle this.

What have you learned in your entrepreneurial career?

Anything is possible. Don’t let anybody tell you that something isn’t possible!

What is one thing you still really want to do in your entrepreneurial career?

To become a teacher/lecturer in my field of expertise at Stanford University in the USA.

Looking back, what is one thing you would do differently?

I would start with online courses and social media a little earlier. I missed the boat with online courses.

What would you advise women starting their journeys in the entrepreneurial space?

Be true to your own core values and quirkiness. I am loud, hysterical, and out there in a market where everybody is enjoying yoga and mindfulness. I wouldn’t say I like that, but I am the black sheep in the burnout community. Luckily, you don’t see the dirt on black sheep but on the white ones instead 😉 Because I do everything my way, I have the right fans and customers.

What are common challenges women face in the startup world and how can we tackle them according to you?

Not being taken seriously. Prove them wrong! I experienced this myself and look at me now 🙂 I am still the only one that made it to Silicon Valley, no Dutch man in my field of expertise was able to!


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