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What investors are looking for when investing in female-led startups

If you’re contemplating starting a business or are ready to expand your existing one, you may be considering additional funding. Learn more from our panelists on how to nail down your funding strategy.

Investors that invest in female entrepreneurs are a great way to accelerate your growth, but do you know how to choose the right one for your startup?

In this session, Anne de Jongh, CEO & Founder at Decodata, and Thomas Mensink, an investor at Golden Egg Check will explain more about what investors are looking for when choosing to support a startup.

As a female entrepreneur, you’ll learn more about:
💡 What investors are looking for when investing in startups, specifically female-led startups
💡 What’s the best approach to finding the right investors
💡 What angels and VC investors need to change to be more inclusive in their portfolios
💡 How can you scale your business as a female founder with investors that include a gender lens in their portfolios?
💡 What resources and opportunities are available to female founders to apply for investment opportunities that consider diversity and gender as a part of their investment strategy
💡 How you can unlock potential investment from your own network
💡 How to build momentum behind your funding round

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