Partner with FEM-START

FEM-START does partnerships differently.

We meet Partners at the intersection of entrepreneurship, mentorship, and applied action. Partnerships with FEM-START leverage everything that makes FEM-START, FEM-START.

Our global, mentor-focused program; our live, knowledge-sharing platform and events; our FEM-START content and format; and our progressive approach to entrepreneurship through mentorship and coaching.

A partnership with FEM-START is truly unique, immersive, and meaningful experience. It has the power to create change, to transform the lives and perspectives of female entrepreneurs, and to shift cultures within organizations regarding diversity.

This program is not only about FEM-START but also about you.

Whatever your brand challenge, the FEM-START global culture of entrepreneurship has a set of solutions: custom events, custom content, and professional development brought together in a way that’s uniquely tailored for you.

We are looking forward to partner with you.


We are based in Amsterdam, NL

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