Partner with FEM-START

A partnership with FEM-START is truly unique and meaningful.
It has the power to create change, to transform women’s lives.

We meet partners at the intersection of entrepreneurship, education, and applied action. Partnerships with FEM-START leverage everything that makes FEM-START unique: our global, research-based program;
our knowledge-sharing events; our educational content and format; and our progressive approach to entrepreneurship through education. 

FEM-START is dedicated to contributing to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals. The three goals FEM-START supports and pursues are:
number 5 ‘gender equality’, number 8 ‘decent work and economic growth’,
and number 10 ‘reduce inequality’.

Meet some of the partners we’ve had the pleasure to work with

Join experts from the fields of entrepreneurship and fundraising. We will help you demystify the world of funding!