Meet a selection of our mentors experts

Our mentor team includes professionals from different backgrounds and fields, in order to help and support our FEMpreneurs accordingly. New mentors join the team continuously in order to match our mentors and mentees and to create the ideal mentorship for you.

Frederik Smit

Freerk Smit

Banker and financial portfolio manager

Freerk Smit has a diverse background and experience in mergers and acquisitions, and banking and has spent the last 7 years working in private equity at Karmijn Kapitaal.

He’s mentored and guided numerous entrepreneurs in selling or the transfer of their companies and assets through mergers and acquisitions. He’s contributed to the establishment of a new bank in Mozambique and the opening of a large Dutch production company’s branch in India.

In his role as Financial Portfolio Manager at Karmijn Freerk focuses on fundraising and stakeholder management and is always searching for the ideal solution to every challenge.

Anna Molnar

Anna Molnár

Entrepreneurial coach and Italianist

Anna Molnár is a Female Entrepreneurs Coach and Italianist, with an immense passion for languages and literature, a special analytic eye for complex situations, and a huge drive to get the best out of people.

“It’s my mission to make curious people blossom again so that they can turn the page of the next chapter in their life in a meaningful way.” Anna offers coaching and consulting, to restore the work/life balance of female entrepreneurs who love to read and have to write for their businesses.

She will help you map out your situation, find your personal & professional goals, create a resilient plan and guide you through your commitment. So that you can enjoy both your private and professional life with impact and without feeling guilty.

Barbara Rogoski

Barbara Rogoski

Executive communication coach, author, professional speaker and mentor

Barbara is an American executive communication coach for Fortune 500 companies worldwide living in the Netherlands. Her focus is to help business professionals to tell their stories with confidence, clarity and impact.

She has coached more than 100 TEDx speakers at more than 20 TEDx events, including TEDxAmsterdam and TEDxAmsterdamWomen where she was the exclusive coach for the Startup Award Program for female entrepreneurs for 5 years.

She is a published author of Boring to Brilliant, A Reference Guide for Speakers, a professional speaker and a mentor. Currently, Barbara is a presentation coach for YES! Delft Startup Incubator has a passion to help women develop their executive presence and confidence. 

Jolanda Oskam

Jolanda Oskam

Business Presence & Expression expert and founder of JOInspirations Coaching

Following a successful career in marketing & branding in the corporate sector, Jolanda combined her skills in coaching, branding, marketing and presence to guide and support women in realizing their personal and professional goals.

It’s her ultimate passion to help women with their inner personal and professional growth and transformation – a transformation that ensures you make a perfect impression with a big impact. 

Her clients are CEOs, entrepreneurs and specialists. By using her unique approach and methodology focused on Presence, Being & Expression, she has coached many businesswomen to take the next steps in their development and career. Jolanda also has her own lifestyle podcast called ‘Claim Your Stage’ at Goodlife Radio and regularly writes columns for lifestyle magazines.

Astrid van Leeuwen

Astrid van Leeuwen

Coach, marketing & communication expert with experience in the cultural sector

Astrid is fascinated by people with passion and goals. Driven by her own passion she started her career as a press officer at the National Ballet in the Netherlands. In her nine years of experience, she was nominated for the Cosmopolitan Talent Award in the communication category and she won the Alexandra Radius Prize.

After she left the National Ballet she established her own communication agency – TekstAppeal – and developed into a diverse journalist, and marketing and communication expert.

She’s worked for multiple national magazines, daily newspapers, tv programs and cultural institutions, with the main focus always being natural one-on-one conversations or interviews.

Channelling this focus she developed herself as a coach and opened her own practice: MovingMinds Coaching Amsterdam. Hereby being able to focus on different issues surrounding work, life and relationships. Warmth, involvement, empathy, and genuine interest in people motivate her.

Karin Boon

Karin Boon

Entrepreneur and Digital Branding Specialist

Karin Boon has been an entrepreneur for more than 13 years and has 18 years of experience as a Digital Branding Specialist. She guides brands, people, and organizations in the field of strategy, digital transformation, branding, and marketing communication. By using her experience in these fields, she always aims to grab digital chances and takes the right course of action to do so.

In recent years, Karin has started multiple businesses and successfully sold these, such as a distributorship of baby products from American brands like Bébe au Lait, Built NY, and the English brand Bibetta. She developed and grew the company to 350 stores in the Netherlands within just three years. Karin is a born entrepreneur and with her experience an all-rounded expert within the field of (online) entrepreneurship.

Karin is known as a creative online expert, specialised in (personal) branding, social media, digital transformation, marketing communication, content creation, (influencer) marketing with a strong focus on creating positive results.

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