How to get access to funding for female founders

Learn from our outstanding panelists how to deal with raising funds. Whether you want to understand more about governmental grants or want to understand how to raise a funding round, this session you’ll learn all this and more.

how to get access to funding for female founders

Female founders have a harder time raising funds, need more meetings to convince potential investors of the value of their business, and raise significantly less money than their male counterparts.

In this session, we break through some of the myths and misconceptions about raising funds and come up with strategies to bridge the gaps preventing female entrepreneurs from accessing finance.
This webinar will focus on discussing the funding dynamics in female entrepreneurship from the perspective of an investor and an entrepreneur. We will bring hot topics to the table, such as:

The Dutch startup ecosystem for female entrepreneurs with Yeni Joseph:

  • How ready is the Dutch startup ecosystem to support female entrepreneurs to grow a business?
  • What are the different subsidies, and vouchers available to anyone looking to get support to grow, internationalize or innovate?
  • How can we encourage more women to become more active in the Dutch entrepreneurial ecosystem?
  • What initiatives and programs currently support female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, and what more can be done to promote gender equality in the startup world?

Alternatively, Marsha Goei, co-founder at Breeze will guide you through her founding journey:

  • From bootstrapping to going through her first funding round
  • How did the co-founding team at Breeze grow their business and moved through the next funding rounds
  • What are some critical aspects to consider when raising funds, e.g. pitch deck, finances, and growth numbers among others
  • What are some challenges she had to overcome and how did the team overcome them

At the end of the session, you will listen to concerns and questions other entrepreneurs like yourself have and we might answer some of your own questions in this Q&A session.

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What other attendees liked about this webinar

I found this webinar very interesting, good format, the 1-hour duration is great, it was nice to have different types of profiles talking about funding. Thanks a lot!

The first-hand experience and tips in raising funds.

Very helpful and encouraging as a start-up in the Netherlands, thank you!

Hearing from Marsha's experience as a co-founder and her very concrete insights and advice.

The personal experience from someone who also raised funds

Openness about funding and ability to ask questions

Interactions and questions during and in-between talks


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