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Meet Celina Sadijo from the FEM-START team!

Hi Tini! We’re thrilled to be chatting with you today. Could you share a little bit about yourself ?

Hi there! I’m Tini, I am 22 years old, born and raised in Sri Lanka. I am half Dutch and half Sri Lankan. I moved to the Netherlands to study and ended up in North-Brabant. I studied International Business Administration in Tilburg with a minor in Marketing. I currently want to further my studies in marketing and communications. I’m passionate about travelling, designing, and working in a diverse environment.  

Tell us, what is your role at FEM-START? 

I work as a creative communications intern at FEM-START. I perform tasks such as content creation (designs for social media and other content) and social media management. I conduct research to gather information to help my managers make strategic communication decisions, and I assist in campaigns and collaborations when needed.   

Why is it important to you to work in strengthening female entrepreneurship? Why FEM-START and its mission to bridge the funding gap? 

I have always been interested in making a positive impact on society. With FEM-START, we provide support to help our female community grow. I enjoy being part of a diverse team that empowers female entrepreneurs to overcome their challenges. The passion and energy that women possess is remarkable, and we can all learn from their experiences.

What aspect of your job at FEM-START do you enjoy the most?  What do you look forward to? 

As mentioned before, I have a passion for marketing. My role provides me with valuable hands-on experience in various aspects of communication and marketing which helps me further in my career development. I look forward to our member mixer, where all the women can come together and enjoy an evening full of various discussions and support. 

Reflecting on your journey, what advice would you give to your younger self?

It’s important to explore different fields and interests before committing to a career or area of study.

Do you have a personal mantra?

Nobody’s perfect, there is always more to learn


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