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A conversation with Anna Molnár: Founder of Blossom Empowering Events, the company skyrocketing your business to the next level!

Greetings Anna! We’re delighted to have this opportunity to chat with you here at FEM-START. Could you please share what inspired your journey into entrepreneurship and the driving force behind the creation of Blossom Empowering Events?

As I was contemplating my life’s direction, the question of whether or not to have children became paramount. After about a year of introspection, I realized the importance of making this decision earlier and without undue pressure. Instead of waiting for circumstances to align, I decided to birth my own creation in the form of my business. Through Blossom Empowering Events, I could curate experiences, share knowledge, and contribute positively. Feeling unfulfilled in my previous job, I sought to align my work with my life rather than the other way around. That was five years ago, and I’m immensely satisfied with where I stand today.

Could you outline some key steps and strategies you implemented to launch your business successfully?

I immersed myself in research on starting a business, delving into topics that resonated with me. One pivotal moment was meeting an author whose work I admired: Lisette Schuitemaker. Seeking her advice, I proposed a workshop on the topic of women’s choices regarding motherhood. Her belief in me fueled the beginning of my journey. Additionally, I learned the importance of seeking guidance beyond my immediate circle, whether from mentors, networks, or business coaches. Embracing experimentation was crucial; failure became a stepping stone, not a stumbling block. Taking risks, making mistakes, and learning from them were integral to kickstarting my business.

How did you go about building and expanding your customer base?

Initially, support came from friends and family, but I realized the necessity of branching out beyond my inner circle. Participating in business programs facilitated organic growth, as interactions led to inquiries and requests for assistance. While I’m not heavily active on social media, platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram have been instrumental in fostering meaningful connections. Networking events, both online and offline, provided opportunities to connect with potential clients through meaningful conversations. With a focus on tailored services and a high-end pricing model, my approach emphasizes long-term relationships over immediate gains. By prioritizing individualized attention and genuine engagement, I’ve cultivated a loyal customer base over time.

You serve as a program leader for FEMpreneurhulp, an initiative under FEM-START. Could you elaborate on your role and the impact of the programs and coaching?

My involvement with FEMpreneurhulp stemmed from a desire to enhance visibility, especially during challenging times like the pandemic. Transitioning from mentee to mentor, I found fulfillment in supporting other women on their entrepreneurial journeys. Marian (CEO and founder of FEM-START) then approached me to become program leader. The shift in structure within the program, now emphasizing community-based cohorts, has allowed for deeper connections and mutual empowerment. Through mentoring and leadership, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of fostering a supportive environment for aspiring female entrepreneurs. This year, FEMpreneurhulp is focused on community-building and testing the cohorts.

Reflecting on your experiences, what were some significant setbacks, and what lessons did you glean from them?

In entrepreneurship, setbacks are inevitable, but they serve as invaluable learning opportunities. They are necessary walks of life. Early on, I learned the importance of pacing oneself and focusing on foundational aspects rather than pursuing rapid growth and chasing one’s tail. Asking for help, discerning trustworthy advice, and valuing one’s time were crucial lessons. Overcoming the fear of self-promotion and recognizing the importance of monetizing one’s expertise were also pivotal. Volunteering should be a small part, not the core of your business. Ultimately, embracing mistakes as part of the journey and prioritizing finding clients first were invaluable lessons learned.

What do you consider your most significant achievement since founding your company and assuming a leadership role simultaneously?

Beyond business milestones, my greatest achievement lies in the unexpected blessings that have enriched my life. Welcoming three unexpected additions to my family by becoming a bonus mom overnight and being able to care for my ailing mother while maintaining autonomy in my work are moments of profound gratitude. I’ve been able to create a supportive environment aligned with my values, where I can positively impact others. This is immensely fulfilling. Recognizing the strength within oneself and fostering a community of empowered women has been the true measure of success. Performance numbers are important for any business, but they do not define you. What matters are the moments you are aligned with your values in life. When what you do makes a difference for someone else, and vice versa. 

What can we anticipate next for Blossom and FEMpreneurhulp?

Looking ahead, FEMpreneurhulp will launch its second cohort in May, with a focus on expanding awareness of the program’s benefits. As Blossom approaches its fifth anniversary in July, I eagerly anticipate celebrating this milestone with my clients. What excites me most is the ripple effect of empowerment; by uplifting one woman, we uplift an entire community. As you can imagine, we women are far stronger than we believe that we are.

If you want to know more about Anna’s company Blossom Empowering Events, click here!

Interested in mentoring? Apply for the upcoming cohort, starting on the 14th of May. For additional information and to apply to join a cohort, send an email to Please explain what your specific challenge is and what kind of support you need, so FEMpreneurhulp can match you with the right mentor.


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