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Meet Saba Alam: Founder of Artora AI, the powered artificial intelligence art-market platform to improve buyer-seller matches!

Hello Saba! We’re thrilled to be chatting with you today at FEM-START. Could you share what sparked your entrepreneurial journey and the motivation behind launching Artora AI?

Hello there! It’s a pleasure to be with you at FEM-START and share Artora AI’s journey. My entrepreneurial journey began with a strong interest in art and technology. Growing up, I was constantly moved and inspired by the beauty of art. After earning my Bsc in Graphic Design and working for 8 years in industry, I became fascinated by artificial intelligence’s potential to transform industries. The intersection of art and AI sparked the idea for Artora AI.

Imagine if you could find art just like you find music on Spotify. Art has always held an important place in human life. It elicits emotions, tells stories, and enriches our lives in ways that words cannot adequately express. However, many people struggle to understand the nuances of art, making it difficult to find paintings that speak to their emotions and complement their surroundings.

I was driven by the desire to create something truly innovative that could bridge the gap between art enthusiasts and artists while also leveraging the power of AI to improve the art experience. I wanted to build a platform that made discovering and appreciating art more accessible, personalized, and enjoyable for everyone.

Can you highlight some key steps and strategies you employed to kickstart Artora AI?

When it came to kick starting Artora AI, I focused on several key steps and strategies to bring my vision to life. First and foremost, I spent a significant amount of time on research and development. I knew that in order to build a platform that truly fulfilled its promises, I needed to understand the needs and pain points of both art enthusiasts and artists. This included conducting market research, analyzing existing platforms, and soliciting feedback from potential users.

Once I had a solid understanding of the market and the problem I was solving, I set about assembling a talented team around me. I spent more than six months collecting tons of paintings and tagging them super-detailed. I sought out people who shared my enthusiasm for art and technology and brought a variety of skills and perspectives to the table. Together, we worked tirelessly to create the AI algorithms and platform infrastructure that would power Artora AI.

How did you manage to build and grow your customer base?

Building and growing our customer base was a multifaceted effort that required a combination of marketing, user engagement, and community building. From the start, we focused on creating a seamless and intuitive user experience that would encourage users to explore and interact with our platform. We used a variety of marketing channels, such as social media, content marketing, and targeted advertising, to increase Artora AI awareness and attract new users. We also focused on developing strategic partnerships with artists and galleries.

Reflecting on your journey, what were some significant mistakes, and what lessons did you learn from them?

Looking back on my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve faced plenty of challenges and made some mistakes. One significant mistake was failing to consider changing user preferences and emerging innovative methods in both AI and e-commerce. This caused us to underestimate the importance of adapting our marketing strategy and pricing plan to meet changing needs.

Furthermore, we made the mistake of launching a fully functional app before properly testing and gathering feedback. This led to a lack of user adoption, necessitating a shift in our strategy. These experiences taught me the value of remaining agile and adaptable in response to market trends and user feedback. It is critical that we continuously assess and adjust our strategies to meet the changing needs of our customers.

What stands out as your biggest achievement since founding Artora AI?

Despite the challenges, one of our most significant accomplishments since founding Artora AI has been the development and launch of our Feel Painting and Style Analysis features. These innovative features mark a significant milestone in our efforts to transform the art and AI fields. Feel Painting allows users to express their emotions and interests while discovering artwork that speaks to them on a deeper level. It’s not just about purchasing art; it’s about discovering art that reflects your distinct style and personality. Style Analysis, on the other hand, allows users to delve into the meaning and components of their favorite artworks, as well as discover décor color combinations inspired by them.

What advice would you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs, particularly those who do not believe they can do it?

My advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs, especially those who doubt their ability to succeed, is simple: believe in yourself and your vision. It’s easy to doubt yourself or be intimidated by the challenges of entrepreneurship, but keep in mind that every successful entrepreneur started out somewhere. Surround yourself with a supportive network of mentors, advisors, and peers who can guide and encourage you along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance or seek out resources to help you navigate your entrepreneurial journey.

Above all, believe in yourself and embrace the distinct perspective and strengths that you bring to the table as a female entrepreneur. Your voice, ideas, and vision have the potential to effect significant change in the world.

What’s next for Artora AI? Anything we can look forward to?

Artora AI’s future looks bright. We have ambitious plans to continue innovating and expanding our platform to meet the needs of both art enthusiasts and artists. We’re excited to investigate new technologies like augmented reality and voice-to-text to improve the user experience and make discovering and appreciating art more immersive and intuitive than ever before. In addition, we are working to improve our marketing strategy to better align with our users’ changing needs and preferences.

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