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Meet Sara Blanken: Founder of Mesure, the company making made-to-measure womenswear for the new generation of female leaders!

Hi Sara! It’s a pleasure to engage with you today through FEM-START. Could you elaborate on the inspiration behind Mesure and the driving force behind your entrepreneurial journey?

From my time studying fashion in Amsterdam, including an internship in London, the desire to establish my own fashion brand was always present. The spark to create something unique intensified after witnessing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. With sustainability at the forefront, I began my career at a made-to-measure menswear company, eventually recognizing the potential for a similar concept in womenswear. The struggle to find perfectly fitting clothing, especially trousers and jackets, fueled my determination to launch Mesure. The goal was clear: revolutionize the industry by offering one-of-a-kind, sustainable garments tailored to empower women.

Could you outline the pivotal steps and strategies that propelled Mesure into action?

A crucial initial step was finding the right atelier and production facilities aligned with my high-end, sustainability-focused business model. Extensive research into working conditions, fabric quality, and production ethics played a significant role. Building the brand and effective consumer marketing were equally vital components in the journey.

How did you go about building and expanding your customer base?

Mesure distinguishes itself through personalized, one-on-one service. Customers book an appointment at our Amsterdam showroom, where they get measured by a Style Advisor, explore samples, and choose their fabric to create their one-of-a-kind item. Initial traction came through online marketing, primarily Google, but soon evolved into a strong referral system. Satisfied customers shared their experiences, generating organic growth. The uniqueness of our service and word-of-mouth referrals have been pivotal. Starting with suits, trousers, and jackets, we expanded to include knitwear, shirts, and coats, with plans for further diversification in the future.

Reflecting on your entrepreneurial path, can you highlight significant mistakes and the valuable lessons learned?

Launching sooner and adjusting based on customer feedback emerged as a key lesson. Waiting too long delayed building a customer base and resulted in unnecessary costs. Being transparent about costs from the beginning would have streamlined operations. Customer satisfaction should always take precedence, guiding decisions and efforts.

Considering your journey, what stands out as Mesure’s most significant achievement?

The ultimate satisfaction lies in having fulfilled and delighted customers. Witnessing them embrace and express confidence in our pieces is immensely rewarding. The positive impact on their self-esteem is precisely the outcome we aim to achieve.

For aspiring female entrepreneurs, especially those grappling with self-doubt, what advice would you offer?

Craft a clear vision, articulate it, and focus on execution. The vision, coupled with persistence, forms the foundation for success. Tune out external doubts, stick to your vision, and push forward. It’s about persevering until you realize your aspirations.

Looking ahead, what can we anticipate from Mesure in the future?

Our priority is expanding the appointment-based showroom while also venturing into a physical storefront in Amsterdam. We aim to create a welcoming Mesure space where walk-ins are accommodated without appointments. Expanding our product categories remains a key objective, with the goal of bringing more joy and confidence to an ever-growing customer base. Stay tuned for exciting developments!

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