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Interview with Priscilla Amaabea Adams, Winner of FEM-START Award, Ghana 2020

Priscilla Adams Winner Ghana 202

Interview with Priscilla Amaabea Adams, founder of N&A Organics

What is N&A Organics about?

N&A Organics is a skincare brand which seeks not only to bring you natural products targeted at treating specific skin issues, but to inspire women to embrace their true selves, be intentional about taking care of their skin, and be confident in whatever shade they come in.

How did you come up with the idea of N&A Organics and become an entrepreneur?

Most of my friends had skin blemishes and looked for products that will help them treat it but ended up making it worse, and the rate of skin lightening in Ghana was becoming alarming. After doing market research, we realised that about 99% of cosmetic products used in Ghana were imported, and most of them contained harmful cosmetic ingredients. I realised that issues concerning the skin can affect the way people see themselves, and in finding a solution to this, I became an entrepreneur.

Which challenges did you face to start with N&A Organics?

We didn’t have enough funds to do paperwork like registering the business and getting the necessary license and equipment needed to make the products. We also needed some form of formal education in natural skincare product formulation and how to generally run a business or start-up.

How did you overcome those difficulties?

I took a course in natural skincare product formulation, and I applied for an incubator and accelerator programme in Ghana. I qualified and received some funds to start my business as well as training on business development and how to run a start-up.

As an entrepreneur, what motivates you and drives you?

My motivation usually comes from the excitement that customers express when our products give them the results they desire, and from the fact that we provide income to the women in the Northern Region of Ghana who provide us with the raw materials and ingredients needed for our products. Currently, we are working on our #loveyourmelanin campaign and our first #letyourskinsmileletachildsmile campaign, where a percentage of sales is given to support the children of the women we source our ingredients from.

What would you advise to other women entrepreneurs who are starting to develop their ideas in Ghana and Africa?

I would say to other women entrepreneurs that every idea or dream they have is valid. With an unshrinking conviction and a dogged determination, they should keep pushing. They should not cower or forsake their dreams even when naysayers and sceptics ridicule and doubt them. Instead, they should remind themselves of why they set out on that journey and go for gold.

How was the experience of participating in the FEM-START awards?

I had an amazing experience at the FEM-START awards. Seeing women who were just like I share their struggles, how they pulled through, and how they balance work life with other things made me know I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I want to thank FEM-START for the wonderful opportunity and for proving to me that the ideas I’ve had all these years were feasible. I was shocked and excited I won, and I can’t wait to experience and go through all the plans and training FEM-START has for me!


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