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FEM-START Up Awards 2021 Edition

FEM-START Up Awards 2021

Last year’s edition of the FEM-START Up Awards was a hit! The first edition was held in Hotel Casa in Amsterdam where we had a packed day with workshops by Barbara Rogoski on pitching and Tanya Pineault of PayPal on how to grow your business with PayPal.

A total of 9 female-led start-ups participated in our FEM-START Up Awards, ranging from plastic-free skincare to data-driven consultancy focused on D&I and Gender Equity. Our judges consisted of Eva de Mol of CapitalT, Joachim Goyvaert, CEO PayPal Benelux and Ireland, Katalin Tatar from ABN Amro and Marian Spier, founder of FEMSTART.

After much debate amongst the judges, the winner was announced… Marsha Goei from Breeze!

Breeze is thé online dating app for offline dates. Breeze is a relatively new dating app on the market, with a new and refreshing vision on both online and offline dating. Users match through the app based on their profiles, and pick a date and time to meet offline immediately. There’s no online talking stage or ghosting, quick and easy to meet each other in real life. By working together with local restaurants and bars, Breeze provides safe and pre-approved locations for their users to date at. An inspiring and innovative new outlook on online dating.

As the winner of the 2021 Start-Up Awards, Marsha Goei won a fully arranged trip to Silicon Valley, where the FEM-START team had already set Breeze up with multiple meetings with large tech-companies. By winning the Awards, Marsha and Breeze had the opportunity to meet with potential investors as they joined the FEM-START community on their path to growth.

winner fem-start awards 2021

And the winner is…

Marsha Goei from Breeze!


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