FEM-START is the ED-tech solution to closing the funding gap for female entrepreneurs

Meet the brand new FEM-START course: training that meets the female entrepreneur’s needs


FEM-START is the EDtech solution to close the startup ecosystem’s funding gap for female entrepreneurs. FEM-START removes the obstacles for female entrepreneurs and ensures that their available potential flourishes. FEM-START is different from other training programs. In line with our time’s challenges, the focus is on the platform that delivers training that meets the female entrepreneur’s needs in order of intensity.

Our mission is to demystify the world of funding for female entrepreneurs.


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Mentor spotlight: Mascha Mooy

Mentor spotlight: Mascha Mooy

Mascha Mooy is a consultant, speaker and author. With a no-nonsense mentality she tackles problems at the core. Her specializations are burn-outs, leadership and successful entrepreneurship. All of these strengths come together in her business Bye Bye Burnout....

Battling a burnout

Battling a burnout

Written by: Mascha Mooy A burnout. What is it? Why do we get burned out? Why is it meaningful? And most important: What can we do to overcome one? We get burned out when we ask too much of ourselves for too long. You can see it as coming to a complete standstill. You...

How we work


Our mentors help you thrive by providing a safe space to build your business. We work with women of all backgrounds, regardless of race and religion. We don’t just want to get you a seat at the table; we want to help you build your own table.


Our intensive business training program helps you to build your confidence and develop your communication skills. From pitching to financial management, you’ll learn how to communicate your value effectively to investors, with the help of a personal mentor.


We give you access to venture capital and potential investors.
We provide you with practical resources such as online events and masterclasses, networking opportunities, and help marketing your business.

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