Meet some of the amazing women-led startups that we’ve worked with

“As an entrepreneur, you sometimes need outside help. You can achieve a lot on your own, but at times, a mirror to self-reflect is necessary. It’s excellent that FEMpreneurhulp allows entrepreneurs to do so.”

– Joke de Vries

“My partner and I gained a lot during our first meeting with our mentor. The meeting with Wilfried resulted in us finding a new direction for our business. Our initial question was how to find relevant investors. Instead, we developed a product with the help of FEMpreneurhulp that enables us to fund a large share of our needed investment.”

– Roos Aduagyei

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow and flourish in a positive environment. I’m the type of person that likes to find opportunities and is solution-oriented. It’s great to find like-minded people with the same energy. Even in a global pandemic! The program worked well as FEMpreneurhulp team matched me with the right coach, Connor, whose enthusiasm fueled my positivity. Where your intention goes, energy flows!”

– Nike Ayinla
  Orisun Studio

“FEMpreneurhulp mentorship program came into the picture at the right stage of my life. Starting a new company from scratch is hard. Getting advice from someone with prior experience and knowledge has helped immensely. The mentorship level is high and has exceeded my expectations. Also, seeing different female figures lifting each other up adds to the motivation of my work and my willingness to give back.”

– Ceran Danis
  We are basics

“The biggest surprise for me was how much progress you can make within three coaching sessions. FEMpreneurhulp helped me by looking at my business and opportunities with a fresh and analytical eye. It has helped me focus and created a large boost for our next steps towards the future.”

– Laura Heerema

“FEMpreneurhulp gives personalized help by matching you to mentors with real expertise. They supported me by meeting my mentor face-to-face and having ample time to ask relevant questions. In my experience, the meetings consisted of real in-depth conversations with more than enough time to discuss and comprehend the issues at hand.”

– Maria Pedro Mialia
  Telessaude Educativo

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