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By Daniela Paternina

Online presence has a huge impact on sales and visibility growth for businesses and brands. The digital transformation has revolutionized the way we consume, communicate, think and work, radically changing how we do business. Digital transformation is key to access funding, scaling your business, and achieving a great customer experience. 

The digital transformation has completely democratized access to information, knowledge, and data, opening up a whole range of possibilities for entrepreneurs to gain direct and informed access to markets and consumers without time and space barriers. The democratization of access is, without a doubt, the most important and transformational benefit that the use of technology has in this era. Similarly, through crowdfunding platforms, technology has boosted access to capital, and entrepreneurs can raise funds in a more agile and diverse way, multiplying the growth opportunities. Likewise, technology allows investors and Venture Capitalists to access and get to know more projects that they would have hardly been able to discover, evaluate and fund without the facility the Internet brings to reach new leads and share information. 

Online success or digital transformation can be approached in three different ways. Some consider digital transformation as an issue – it is associated with implementing information technologies and/or digital platforms that would change the organization’s processes. Others understand digital transformation as a marketing means, a new way to attract customers and deliver value. However, a third group considers digital transformation as a new way of doing business: digital transformation leads to the construction of new business models and exploiting new opportunities (Hachana, R., Berraies, S. & Ftiti, Z. 2018). Successful ventures manage to integrate technology into every business area: sales, marketing, data analytics, management, and customer service. For companies, innovation and digital transformation is no longer an added value but an essential element, which must be integrated into the organization’s strategy, culture, and structure, creating a strong foundation to scale and reach different markets.  

Another benefit of online presence is the possibility to keep track of your customer’s preferences and behaviors, generating useful insights to improve customer experience. Customer experience is paramount for success, and the ability to tailor and customize products and services is a huge competitive advantage of digitalized businesses.

In this era of high innovation, well-used technology and online success allow the opportunity to make important changes that benefit businesses and our communities, and female entrepreneurs are no exception. Even though women entrepreneurs generally overcome more barriers to reach the same business opportunities as men, women-led companies often are more successful. Currently, startups run by women and online businesses for women are on the rise on the international market, such as Whitney Wolfe, creator of Bumble, a dating app worth $1.5 billion. To continue increasing female entrepreneurs’ success, it is essential to adopt online social activity successfully. By doing this, women, entrepreneurs will continue to impact communities worldwide. 


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